Mining Engineering Tips

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Mining sites are pretty challenging to operate. In most cases, contractors are torn between site safety and mineral extraction. Below are some mining engineering tips that can help ease site operations. 

Assess Mining Regulations

Most countries have strict mining laws. Therefore, contact a legal expert to establish the regulations to follow when extracting the mineral. For instance, the government could require you to acquire various permits before commencing the site operations. Moreover, the government could prescribe the volume of minerals you can extract yearly. You could also be required to engage local communities as you mine the materials. Most states also have specific regulations regarding the exploration of minerals. You must comply with these regulations. Otherwise, your mine could get shut down by the authorities. 

Determine The Available Deposits

Conduct an exploration survey to establish the available deposits. Then, conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine the viability of opening the mine. This analysis can also help you determine a suitable mining method. For instance, when extracting small volumes of gold, you could opt to use panning instead of expensive sluicing machines. 

Conduct Preliminary Surveys 

A preliminary survey will help you establish the site conditions. For example, a geotechnical survey identifies the type of soil in the area and the prevailing underground risks. For instance, if the area has clay or peat soils, you could use tracked earthmovers to conduct excavation works. On the other hand, if it has metamorphic rocks, you should ensure the excavators have rigid buckets to break them. If the area has underground risks such as dangerous gases, you could equip your workforce with appropriate gear to prevent pulmonary illness.

Determine Safety Protocols

From the onset, create safety protocols and the interventions you will deploy to enforce these measures. For instance, you must barricade the site to prevent curious individuals ignorant of the site risks from accessing the area. Moreover, create a traffic plan to avoid accidents at the site. For example, you should have designated parking spaces for plant equipment. The mining site should also have appropriate signage to inform employees and visitors about risks and how to behave while at the site. For instance, you could compel everyone to wear safety gear at the entry point. What equipment will you use to excavate the materials? Create earthmover inspection protocols to ensure your operators do not use faulty equipment. For example, they could inspect the equipment after every shift to identify defects that need urgent repairs. 

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