Truck Relocation: How Much Does It Cost?

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Moving heavy vehicles like trucks across the country can be expensive and time-consuming. Whether you are moving a truck or truck chassis from a body plant, dealership, port, manufacturer, auction, etc., to your preferred location, careful planning is vital to make the project successful. Several considerations will come into play, and the shipping costs are among the most critical. Truck relocation companies have various ways to calculate their shipping costs, and you will rarely find a flat rate. Therefore, understanding some of the factors that determine truck relocation costs can go a long way in helping you budget correctly. Here's more on this.

How Big And Heavy Is Your Truck?

When assessing the freight rates, your truck's size and weight are the first aspects to consider. These factors will determine the ideal shipping truck or trailer you need. Typically, smaller and lighter trucks will be charged less. If your truck is considered oversize, you may need specialised load trailers to transport it. Moreover, such trucks may require escort vehicles and, in some cases, even a police car, depending on where you are. All these will add to your overall freight cost.

How Far Do You Need The Truck Delivered?

Distance also matters in truck relocation costs. You will spend more the farther the delivery point is because longer distances typically require more fuel. Permits, taxes and other fees may also be affected by distance, especially if you are moving the truck interstate. It's also worth noting that some truck relocation companies will charge you per every kilometre covered. For most such companies, the cost per kilometre will be lower the farther your delivery location is. Therefore, be keen to ask how distance is factored in calculating the cost. In most cases, distance alone may not give you an accurate picture of what you are likely to spend because it's usually not always about moving from one point to another.

Where Do You Need The Truck Delivered?

Your delivery point is also a factor in determining your truck relocation costs. Will the carriers need to get off the highway and drive to a remote location with terrible terrain? Expect to receive a higher quote because dropping off your truck will require more skilful and careful driving. Overall, it will take longer. In addition, if you need a door-to-door service, you will spend more than if you pick it up from somewhere like a depot. If you intend to pick the truck from a depot, you may incur storage fees if you don't go for it immediately.

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