Commercial Refrigeration: Three Repair Tips for Improving Energy Efficiency

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If your business depends on commercial refrigeration for preserving products, consider the importance of repair to improve the efficiency of the equipment. In general, the underlying problems causing inefficiencies in a refrigerator are ignored because the appliance will remain operational. However, these issues can lead to a poor outcome for a business.

For instance, the excess consumption of energy will increase the operational costs for your enterprise. This will translate into lower long-term profits. Also, inefficiency is linked to the strain of the internal cooling components in the appliance. If the systems experience stress, the risk of complete appliance failure will increase. The result will be costly fridge repair.

If you have noticed increased energy consumption by your refrigerator, use these basic repair guidelines to improve efficiency and prevent further deterioration.

Replace the Door Hardware

The refrigerator door is the primary point from which energy is lost in a commercial setting. A small gap in the component will lead to heat gain, especially in hot environments. For example, if you have a fridge in a kitchen and the door gasket is old, the hot air will flow into the fridge. Consequently, the cooling system will strain to keep the temperature at optimal levels. If you do not conduct timely door repairs, the fridge will keep experiencing short cooling cycles. Over time, the internal components will fail, and the cost of complete repair will increase. You can avoid these high costs by conducting smaller but timely door repairs. Replace worn out door seals and gaskets. Also, check out damaged hinges and repair related hardware.

Check the Automation

If you have a large commercial refrigerator with automation, you should know the benefits of the setup. Automation is ideal because it minimises the energy losses related to employees leaving the refrigerator door open. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for sensors and motors to fail, leading to the failure of the feature. If you have noticed delays or failure in automatic closing, plan for the inspection and repair of the connected elements. Remember, delayed repairs will often lead to the need for a complete replacement of the faulty components.

Evaluate the Connections

Finally, you should check on the condition of the electrical connections in your commercial refrigerator if the appliance is less energy efficient. However, keep in mind that these units are high voltage equipment, so the risk of electrical shock is considerable. If you would like to inspect or repair electrical cables, the compressor or the motors, consult commercial refrigeration repair services.