Coated In Glory: Why Choose Epoxy Coatings For Your Concrete Garage Floor

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Owning a garage with a bare concrete floor is all well and good, but applying some kind of protective coating to the concrete can have a range of benefits, protecting your floor from all the various kinds of abuse it will take over the years. However, with many different coating options available, choosing the right one for your garage floor can be tough.

One of the most popular and well-regarded coatings for any concrete floor is a protective epoxy coating, and these plastic-based coatings are especially useful when applied to garage floors. Here are some of the chief advantages of protecting your garage's concrete floor with this tough and highly versatile material:


Epoxy-based coatings are some of the toughest concrete coatings around and can withstand severe impacts, heavy foot traffic and the weight of parked vehicles without denting, cracking or chipping. They do not stain or react chemically when exposed to liquid spills (such as gasoline or brake fluid), and are extremely heat resistant, making them tough enough to stay looking newly-laid even after several years of regular use.


Epoxy coatings are significantly thicker than concrete paints and other protective coatings. This is one of the reasons epoxy coatings are so durable, but this thickness has the added effect of smoothing out any cracks, unevenness and imperfections in your existing concrete floor. This makes them particularly well suited to protecting concrete floors that have already suffered with age, and helps to prevent trip hazards within the relatively hazardous confines of a busy garage.

Easy to maintain

Since epoxy coated floors are so resistant to damage, keeping your floor clean will be the only maintenance task you have to deal with. Epoxy flooring is well known for being very easy to clean and maintain, and a simple mop and bucket are usually all that is required to keep them looking new. they do not stain, even when exposed to heavily pigmented liquids, so no scrubbing or harsh cleaning chemicals are required.

Variety of colours

Epoxy coatings are also available in a wide variety of colours and shades, giving you the luxury of choice when it comes to how you want your garage floor to look. Paler shades are useful for making cramped, compact garages seem more airy and spacious, while darker shades will hide dirt and grime and tyre marks more effectively.

Textured coatings available

Many people choose not to coat their concrete floors because of the sturdy grip they provide, and some concrete coatings can be rather slippery, especially when wet. People who epoxy coated floors can get around this problem by choosing textured epoxy variants; these coatings contain solid flakes of tough, acrylic-based materal, providing a rougher surface and excellent traction that will keep you on your feet in the wettest of weathers.