A Guide On Construction Traffic Control

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Traffic control is an essential activity in every construction site. Typically, it is a safety measure that aims to prevent accidents at the site. Below is an extract detailing how you can initiate a traffic control protocol at your site. 

Barricade the Site

Once construction works commence, it is natural for neighbours and curious passers-by to want a peek of the site. Unauthorised people do not understand how the site works. Moreover, they cannot identify risks such as unmanned electrical cables, covered holes, or trenches. As such, they are likely to suffer accidents. The best way to avoid this is by barricading the site to ensure a single entry point. It allows you to control who has access to the site. 

Have Designated Routes

Once you commence construction works, create designated routes for people and vehicles. It will help prevent accidents and property damage at the site. Survey the site to ensure the roads do not have hazards such as underground gas or power lines. Remember, plant equipment is considerably heavy. As such, they could damage underground utilities.  

Reduce Vehicular Traffic

Below are a few strategies to reduce vehicular traffic at your site: 

  • Have several entrances and exits. It will prevent congestion at the site.
  • Ask your employees to park their cars outside the site. It will make the site more spacious.
  • Have a designated parking space for trucks and plant equipment that are not in use. It will prevent incidences of stationary vehicles inside the site.
  • Have traffic marshals control traffic at the entrance and exit points. They will warn other motorists of heavy trucks turning. 

Have Ample Signs and Lighting

Your site should have signs to warn your employees and visitors of hazards at the site. The signs should be large enough and visible from a distance. Besides, install lighting to increase visibility at night. If you have a lot of vehicular traffic, you could install traffic lights at intersections. 

Work With Traffic Control Services

Below are some tips to help you choose a traffic control service: 

  • Assess the company's portfolio to establish if they have managed similar sites in the past.
  • Inquire about the experience and training of company personnel. For instance, they should have traffic control training.
  • Check the company terms. For example, will they provide services during the weekend and holidays?
  • The company should have a reasonable and flexible pricing strategy. For instance, they should reduce their charges when the site does not have a lot of traffic. 

You should now have an easy time controlling traffic at your site. Barricade the site, reduce vehicular traffic, install signs and lighting and work with local traffic control services.