Top Tips When Hiring A Builder

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Builders are an instant solution for people who need to renovate their property or build their dream homes. Choosing a home builder can be an exciting experience. It is especially so if you have not worked with a builder in the past or do not know an experienced builder. The extract below details some considerations to make when hiring a home builder. 

Always Ask For The Builder's Portfolio

The builder's portfolio will give you a rough idea of the projects that the builder has completed in the past. As a rule, you should consider builders that have built similar or larger homes in the past. It guarantees that the professional has the skill, expertise, personnel and equipment required to complete your project. 

Interview The Builder's Clients

The builder's clients can provide essential information regarding the professional's services. Inquire about the following: 

  • How does the builder relate to clients? A good builder should be an excellent communicator. It can help prevent disputes with the client.
  • Does the builder offer guarantees? Reputable builders will offer free repairs if the house develops construction defects within a specified period.
  • Does the builder observe deadlines? Remember, you would want to move into the property within the shortest possible time. 

Inquire About The Ability To Work With Bank Finance

In most cases, people opt to source financing from banks to undertake construction or home improvement works. Banks are very particular when issuing construction loans. Typically, they divide the project into phases and pay the builder after completing each phase. It is a sure way to compel the builder to complete the construction works. Assess your builder's ability to work with this arrangement. Ideally, they should have sufficient capital since the initial deposit may not be enough to finish the first phase of the building. 

Assess The Builder's Quality Control Measures

How does the builder ensure quality work at the site? Check the fine print of the engagement contract. Typically, it should have a provision for an independent building survey. These surveys should be conducted by a certifier accredited by the local council. The certifiers work is to ensure that the builder follows the construction blueprints to the letter. The professional will issue certificates if the works meet the required criteria and enforcement notices to compel the builder to make improvements. 

Ask For A Quote

Ask several builder's to send you a quote. It is tempting to hire the cheapest builder automatically. However, you should seek the advice of your consulting engineer to know the work quality of the various builders and the services they offer. Go for the builder that offers quality services at a reasonable price. 

When hiring a builder,  assess their portfolio, interview their customers, examine their finances, how they will ensure quality work and their pricing.