Top Tips When Choosing A Commercial Cleaning Service

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Commercial cleaning services are ideal for businesses and contractors that need to clean up retail, office or industrial spaces. Most people will want a company that provides high-quality services. Therefore, they often observe caution and conduct thorough background checks before hiring the cleaning company. Below are some tips to guide you when choosing a commercial cleaning company.

Industry Knowledge

Most commercial cleaning companies deal with a wide variety of clients. However, you would be interested to know whether the company understands the needs of your business. For example, a contractor that needs to clean a recently completed building would want to know how the cleaners will get rid of construction waste. They could also ask how they will remove cement and paint stains on the floor tiles, which chemicals they will use to polish countertops and cabinets, and how they will clean glass surfaces. On the other hand, a hospital would want to know the safety measures that the company will take when cleaning the premises and handling dangerous waste such as syringes, blood and expired pharmaceuticals. Check the company's portfolio and interview some of their clients to ensure you will receive quality services.

Staff Training

Cleaning staff will regularly interact with your customers and employees. As such, they must be courteous. Besides, they must observe safety during cleaning. For example, they should place warning signs to warn people of a slippery surface. The cleaners should also have fall protection systems while working at heights. The cleaning staff will access every corner of your business premises. As such, they must be trustworthy individuals. The cleaning company should conduct background checks to ensure that they do not employ criminals. 

Complimentary Services

Inquire about the complimentary services that the cleaning company will provide. For example, some companies could offer landscaping services, pest inspections and fumigation, plumbing and HVAC repairs. Such companies are an ideal choice since you do not have to deal with many service providers.

Terms of Service

Other than the company's pricing, you should also check their terms of service. For example, all their staff should have workers compensation insurance. This protects you from compensation claims if any of their employees gets injured on your premises. The company should also provide compensation if you incur losses due to the negligence of their employees. For instance, take a case where an employee intentionally damages an office appliance. You would also be interested to know whether the company provides after-hours, weekend and holiday services. 

When choosing a commercial cleaning company, evaluate their industry knowledge, staff training, complementary services and their terms of engagement.

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