Reasons To Seal Your Decorative Concrete Patio

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Across a patio, decorative concrete creates beautiful flooring, adding vibrant colours and rich textures. While concrete is renowned for its durability, without a protective sealant, it can sustain damage. Read on to discover several reasons to seal your patio to improve its performance.

Enhances Aesthetics

Your concrete flooring may mimic natural stone pavers or ceramic tiles, displaying colours such as blues and greys or terracotta shades. To prevent these hues from fading and to deepen their vibrancy, add a layer of sealant. Select from different sealant sheen levels, from matte to glossy. For a more natural look if the surface mimics natural stone or wood, go for a flat finish to generate a more realistic impression.   

Protects The Patio So You Can Relax

No matter how well-behaved people are, at times, accidents happen. While enjoying your patio, friends and families might spill drinks onto you beautiful decorative concrete, or their heels might scuff the surface. With a protective sealant, the floor can easily withstand such mishaps, and you can relax and allow everyone else to also. There's hardly any point having a beautiful patio if you have to fuss and stress for fear of it staining or damaging. An acrylic or polyurethane sealant will form a protective film, enabling the flooring to resist scuffs, blemishes and water damage. Polyurethane sealants typically provide tougher protection.

Easier Maintenance 

In protecting your patio and lessening the effects of everyday wear and tear, a sealant decreases the work needed to maintain the decorative concrete. It's less likely to require scrubbing to remove stains. All it will need is an occasional clean with soapy water and periodic reapplication of the sealer as per the manufacturer's recommendations. 

Improves Safety

If your decorative concrete mimics pavers or other materials, then it will likely feature textures to replicate the joints between tiles or the grains of a timber plank. Such texture helps to prevent slipping—more so than smooth surfaces. To increase safety further, you can add an anti-slip additive to the sealant. 

Rather than leaving your beautiful patio to fade in the weather or to suffer wear and tear with use, why not add a sealer to enhances its beauty and resilience? Concrete sealing will enable you to enjoy using the space rather than fussing over its care; all it will need is an occasional clean and reseal. Additionally, an anti-slip additive added to the sealer will increase safety.

For more information about concrete sealing, speak with a professional.