Why Would You Choose Empire Grass?

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If you are in the market for grass, you might get overwhelmed by the many types of grass available. To help you make a good decision, you should consider various factors and compare them to your needs.  These factors include tolerance and resistance, appearance, weed competition, functionality and maintenance. The following are factors that apply to empire zoysia grass:


When looking at appearance, you are mainly considering the colour and blade width. The empire grass has an eye-catching, dark green colour and fine, small and tight leaf blades, which when measured are between 5 and 7 mm. The turf also creates a dense sward with minimal to no thatching.

Tolerance and Resistance

This is an area that you should carefully consider because it determines how the grass will thrive. You need to consider some things:

The first thing is weather/climate resistance. Empire zoysia grass thrives in extremely cold, humid and hot areas. Due to its deep root system, empire grass is drought tolerant.

The second thing is tolerance to pests, fungi and diseases. You don't want a type of grass that is susceptible to diseases or pests. Such grass is expensive to maintain because you have to apply chemicals frequently. Empire grass is naturally resistant to both diseases and insects, meaning it is low maintenance and you won't have to buy or apply chemicals frequently.

The third thing is grass-wearing tolerance. Empire grass recovers from wear and tear quickly.  Due to its underground rhizomes, it has vigorous re-growth. This shows in that you won't find any patches without grass.

The fourth thing is salt tolerance. This is especially important to those people living around coastal areas. You need grass that is salt tolerant. Empire zoysia grass thrives excellently in coastal areas because it is salt-tolerant.

Weed Competition

Empire Zoysia grass is also great because it outcompetes weeds. This adds to its aesthetic value and lowers maintenance.


Empire Zoysia grass is ideal for parks, residential yards, golf courses, sports fields, childcare centres, sloped areas, etc. This is because of the features mentioned above and the fact that it has a soft texture.

Zoysia grass also does well on clay and sandy soil. This shows that you can grow it almost everywhere and explains its many applications.


From the above, you can already tell that empire grass has low maintenance requirements. Also, it does not require a lot of fertiliser. The only thing you might be required to do is have it mowed twice or thrice a month.