Where Do You Start When Having a Construction Project?

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If it is your first time having a construction project, which might be for commercial or residential purposes, you might have plenty of questions. A construction project usually entails many aspects, which can be broadly classified under engineering, architectural and technical. Something that makes most people confused is not knowing where to start or what specialist to hire. What you may have is an idea of how you want the building to look and its purpose. Here is a small guide to help you get some direction:

Who Should You Hire First?

You want a specialist who can help you sketch building plans, put together drawings, identify the materials you need and their cost, find out the kind of labour you need and how much it costs, etc. This is important because you need a realistic budget to help you know the loan you need to take out or how much to set aside for your project.

The same specialist can also guide you in choosing other specialists, complying with building and planning regulations, examining codes and requirements and preparing the necessary documentation. This specialist is an architect or a building designer. These are two different specialists who offer the same services. However, an architect is more skilled than a building designer and may be preferred for larger projects. Building designers are not also registered, but architects are.

What Should You Consider When Hiring an Architect or Building Designer?

Is your construction project commercial or residential, and how big is it? For commercial projects, it would be better to choose an architect because he or she is more experienced. For a small, simple residential project, a building designer is okay. You also get to save on costs. However, if it is complex, choose an architect.

Consider previous works. Has the architect or building designer completed many projects successfully? If you have multiple specialists to choose from, go with the one who has previously done a similar project because you already have physical evidence of what to expect.


Due to their experience, an architect might be more expensive than a building designer. The nature and type of project may also determine how much fees you pay the specialists.

Remember that you don't need to have the construction project money with you at the time of hiring an architect or building designer, but you need to have his or her fees. To learn more, contact a company that offers services such as residential building design.