Marina Construction: Three Beneficial Guidelines for a Profitable Renovation

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If your commercial marina is worn-out and old or the operation can no longer meet the customers' needs, you should think about conducting extensive renovations. In general, marine structures tend to experience gradual wear due to environmental conditions. This deterioration can cause a decline in value and subsequently your earnings. However, if you conduct renovations, you can restore the original function and appeal of your operations. In addition, you can make some improvements. Here are some essential tips to consider when renovating your marina.

Think About Expansion

When planning for the renovation project, you should think about expanding the existing features, particularly the docking features. It is important to keep in mind that the primary purpose of marinas is to allow for the mooring of boats. If your current dock is small, you will only be able to only take a limited number of vessels. Consequently, you will lose out on plenty of business. Also, small docks cannot accommodate larger vessels which are popular among high-end clients. Therefore, it is advisable to design an expansion or addition to your operation for better earnings.

Consider Adding Features

In the past, marinas were only reserved for boaters and general water sports enthusiasts. However, this aspect has changed. Numerous people go to marinas even without the intention of stepping into a boat. Simply speaking, marinas are considered to be interesting spots for entertainment for all people. Therefore, if you are interested in renovating your old marina, you should make your operation more inclusive by adding other elements of interest apart from the dock. For instance, you can build restaurants, shops and play centres. These will increase your revenue by attracting new customers, and you will also encourage more boaters to bring their families and stay for longer.

Replace Faulty Materials

When renovating your marina, you must not forget about conducting repairs. It is important to restore the damaged structures and elements in your premises for optimal performance and durability. In general, this process should begin with a thorough inspection of the features. For instance, you will need to check the piles or other foundations supporting crucial structures like docks or jetties. You will also need to inspect the materials for rot, cracking and biological growths. In some cases, you will be able to restore the faults through cleaning, patching and sealing. However, if there is extensive damage, you should replace faulty elements.

Renovating a marina is challenging, expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, consult a marine contractor for help if you decide to proceed.