A Guide on Land Development Consultants

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One of the most significant challenges that landowners have is determining what kind of developments are suitable on their property. A land development consultant is an individual that surveys land and advises clients on profitable developments. Below is a short guide on the work of land development consultants.

Looking for a land development consultant

Referrals are an excellent way to search for a land development consultant. Also, you can conduct an online search for land development consultants in your area. The individual you choose to work with should have a good reputation. Besides, he or she must be licenced to practice and experienced in the real estate sector.

The consultation process

Once you visit the consultant, he or she will inquire about your parcel of land and what kind of development you intend to put up. He or she will then visit the area and survey the real estate market to determine the suitability of various projects. The consultation process could take a few days or months depending on the magnitude of the project. At the end of the process, the consultant will provide you with a document detailing his or her findings and recommendations. 

The work of the land development consultant

The land development consultant should provide you with information regarding:

  1. Land subdivision. What are the minimum plot sizes set by your local council? What kind of approvals do you need? How much does the process cost?
  2. Amenities. The consultant will advise you how to build access roads on the property and how to ensure access to water and electricity. Besides, he or she should provide a detailed plan on how to manage stormwater and sewer on the plot.
  3. The land development consultant will inform you of zoning regulations that may restrict certain kinds of developments.
  4. Environmental considerations. The consultant will assess the soil quality and advice you how it will impact the construction process. Further, he or she will evaluate if the area is susceptible to natural hazards such as landslides and floods.
  5. The consultant should tell you the best time to start developing the land, how to access capital and how to manage the construction process. 


Before you begin consulting, ask the consultant to provide you with a detailed quote. Remember that you might incur extra expenses during the process. For example, you might need to pay for soil testing. A land development consultant provides vital information for people that intend to venture into real estate. He or she makes it easy for people to determine the best projects to put up on their parcels of land.