The Tilt-Up Construction Method: Revolutionizing Construction Projects

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The tilt-up method is a type of construction technique using concrete panels. This technique is becoming increasingly popular as it is more cost effective and it helps construction projects be completed in a shorter amount of time. 

How is the tilt-up method carried out?

When using this method of construction, the site of construction is initially prepared by pouring the slab. The slab is then prepared for installation of the tilt-up panels. Workers then begin assembling the panels. This type of construction method requires workers to follow a series of chronological steps in order to get to the completed product. These steps include preparing the site, forming tilt-up panels, placing concrete, erecting panels, and finally putting the finishing touches on the panels. At the end of this lengthy process, a crane is used to grab this construction and essentially tilt it the right way up. This is where this construction method gets its name from. 

Advantages of the tilt-up construction method

This relatively new construction method has allowed construction projects of all scales to be completed more efficiently. This method has resulted in huge cost savings for developers and allowed them to complete multiple construction projects in a smaller amount of time. In earlier times when this method was just starting to be implemented, the final buildings were quite boxy in appearance. However, with technological advancements, the latest tilt-up construction projects can be made with a range of aesthetic possibilities. Buildings built using this method can be designed with unique features. These features include buildings made in various kinds of shapes with endless possibilities of external features to make them stand out. Curved walls, different architectural designs, different building finishings (e.g., stained walls) are all now possible. It all depends on the client's requirements. 

Another advantage of the tilt-up method is that because it uses concrete panels, the concrete provides numerous benefits. In addition to this, concrete is highly durable and withstands the test of time. Concrete also provides insulation from harsh weather such as extreme temperatures. This reduces heating and cooling costs. And finally, this concrete is fire resistant as well, meaning that buildings manufactured using this method provide safety for the inhabitants of the property.

Final considerations

The tilt-up method provides many advantages; however, this method does require a highly skilled team of workers to execute the method correctly. The cost and time savings outweigh this small disadvantage. 

Speak to a construction professional for more information about tilt-up panels.