Two tips to keep in mind if you're having a new roof fitted on your home

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If a roofer will be fitting a new roof on your home soon, you may want to keep these two tips in mind.

Choose a safe storage area for the roofing supplies 

The process of fitting a roof can take several days. During this time, you will need to provide the roofer with a safe storage on your property to keep the roofing supplies.

It is very important to select a safe area in which to store these materials, particularly if your roof will be made from metal. The reason for this is as follows; if for example, you leave your pile of metal roofing supplies on the driveway for the duration of the roof fitting process, these items could be badly damaged.

For instance, one of your family members could accidentally step on a sheet of metal when walking to their car or they could run over it when driving onto or off the driveway. In either case, the metal could end up covered in large dents that your roofer would then have to spend time repairing. If the entire piece of metal is dented, they may even have to throw it out and order a replacement.

This could force them to postpone the fitting process, which would then result in you having to live without a roof on your home for several extra days.

As such, it is worth taking the time to find a safe storage area for these supplies. Some potential places that might be suitable include a spare room inside your home, your conservatory or garage, or your garden shed.

Alert the roofer when you are about to leave your home

Whenever you are about to leave your home, you should call out to the roofer to let them know your whereabouts.

The roofer will need to use power tools and handle hefty roofing materials whilst they are standing on the roof or on the ladder that is leaning against the roof. If, whilst they are operating a power tool or holding some heavy materials, you slam the front door shut after leaving the house (without having alerted them to your presence first), the sudden noise could startle them.

This, in turn, could result in them losing their grip on the materials or the power tools they were holding, and these items then landing on your head. This could leave you with a serious head injury. Even if you manage to jump out of the way, the items could smash when they hit the ground, in which case the roofer may need to go and purchase replacements before they could continue fitting the roof.

As such, it's important to alert the roofer whenever you want to leave your home whilst they are working.