Don't let your foundations deteriorate; call an expert today

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Of all the things that could potentially go wrong with your property, a problem with the foundations is probably one of the scariest things that you could encounter. The idea that your home could be slipping, or that the walls are starting to pull apart from each other is enough to worry even the most relaxed homeowner. Noticing jagged cracks appearing across your floors or walls, or discovering that your windows or doors no longer close or don't fit in their frame correctly could indicate that you have a foundation problem and if you notice these symptoms speak to someone without delay. It is always best to get your foundations looked as early as possible. Left alone a foundation will only deteriorate further leading to further foundation work.

The cause of foundation problems

A foundation problem is something you should take seriously, but there is no reason to despair. If you don't want your home to become uninhabitable then you must talk to someone with experience in foundation work about repairing the damage and restoring your property to a safe, stable condition.

It's possible that your property needs someone to undertake foundation work because the foundation has suffered damage through poorly executed maintenance work or other diggings that have taken place nearby, but these situations are the exception. In the majority of cases, foundations fail because of problems which date back to the initial construction of the property. Poor compacting of the fill soils prevent the building from settling evenly and cause stress on parts of the structure that were not designed to cope with the level of stress they experience after settling.

What can be done?

There are a variety of types of foundation work that could be used to repair a damaged foundation. It is always best to speak with a someone with experience in all aspects of foundation work. Arrange a site visit so that they can carefully examine the foundation and determine if it needs to be underpinned and what the correct method of repair should be. He could suggest either slabjacking or piering to move the foundation back into position, but this will depend on exactly what the issue is with the foundation. He will need to consider the way the foundation has been damaged and the nature of the soil under the foundation. Whatever final solution is chosen the aim will be to stabilise the property and to ensure that the damage can be repaired rather than deteriorating further.