Critical Decisions When Picking Out Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

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Unquestionably, glass is a splashback material that has steadily taken over Australian households. Several reasons can be attributed to this increasing popularity. Firstly, the glass splashbacks are highly reflective, which works to transform any dark kitchen into a bright space. Secondly, the seamless design of the glass splashbacks makes them extremely easy to maintain, no matter how messy your kitchen gets. Lastly, you could opt for mirrored glass splashbacks that will create the illusion of an expansive kitchen. But when making a decision on which kitchen splashbacks to invest in, there are some choices you have to make to ensure that the design and installation will be to your preference. The following is a handy guide to a few critical decisions you need to make when picking out glass kitchen splashbacks. 

Selecting a finish for the splashback

While glass splashbacks are typically associated with being sleek and shiny, there is an assortment of textures that you can choose from, depending on what aesthetic you want in your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen has a considerable amount of light streaming in and you want to decrease the risk of glare, you could choose matte glass splashbacks, which are renowned for their low reflectivity. On the other hand, if the kitchen is shadowy and you need to boost the lighting in the space, you will find that a glossy finish will be best suited to your splashbacks. Lastly, if you want an ethereal appearance or want the splashbacks to add unique visual interest to your kitchen's walls, you can go for the frosted variety that is characterised by a distinct blurred aesthetic. Once you have chosen the finish, you can then consider a variety of textures, like liquid glass, brick, pearled and so on.

Selecting a print for the splashback

When some homeowners contemplate printed splashbacks, they assume that these comprise flowery patterns and motifs that may not be particularly suited to their kitchen décor. However, this is a gross misconception. The latest offerings in printed splashbacks can add a dramatic accent to your space, giving the kitchen a personality of its own. Rather than choosing plain colours or dull prints, consider high-quality imagery in the form of a beachscape, cityscape, a sunset or anything else that you can think of. With these options, the splashbacks double as works of art in the kitchen while still protecting your walls from damage and staining. Moreover, since the printing is done on the underside of the glass, you do not have to be concerned with the quality of the imagery fading over time.