Plywood Products – Benefits of Birch for Your Home Improvement Projects

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Timber is one of the universal supplies utilised in a host of home improvement projects. From shed construction to home renovations, you are sure to find wood featuring in part of your project. Thus, you may be overwhelmed by the multitude of timber products available to you when making a selection of what to integrate into your specific project. One of the plywood products that you could contemplate is birch. This timber is characterised by having a beautiful grain that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Here is an outline of some benefits that plywood products manufactured from birch would provide your home improvement projects.

Elevated visual appeal

Some individuals may associate plywood products with diminished aesthetic value as they think they are a cheaper alternative to using premium wood products. In truth, although plywood made from birch may be an affordable solution, it does not detract from its aesthetic appeal. The fine grain of birch provides you with an elegant finish, no matter what type of application you are utilising these products for. Secondly, the fine grain also gives you the flexibility to choose between leaving your birch unfinished or staining it to your individual preference. Therefore, you can be assured that the final product will have a unique visual interest that elevates the overall appearance of your project.

Enhanced safety

Timber products may be a favourite construction supply, but they do pose one major drawback. If not handled correctly, you could end up becoming injured from stray splinters and jagged edges. Not to mention that many knots in the wood may also hurt people once the project is finished. Fortunately, these are not issues that will be of significant concern when working with birch. Plywood products made from this species of timber have minimal knots, which contributes to an incredibly smooth surface. This characteristic also makes birth products highly suitable for child-friendly projects such as a cubby house, a sand pit and more.

Increased strength

Another misassumption people may have regarding plywood is that it is weak and can only be used for decorative purposes. And although some forms of plywood may not be inherently stable, this is not a characteristic of all plywood products. Birch, in particular, is intrinsically sturdy because the production of the plywood works to reinforce the individual pieces of timber. Hence, the more layers incorporated in the plywood products, the increasingly stronger your birch will be. Resultantly, you find that this stability makes birch plywood products suitable for numerous applications when engaging in home improvements.