Timber Flooring Styles for the Modern Home

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Timber and other types of hardwood flooring have been a top choice among homeowners for many years. They offer an authentic and vintage look while enabling your floors to remain durable and aesthetically appealing.

To attend to multiple styles of home decor, timber flooring is taking on many different patterns and designs. From dark tones to rich colors and whitewashed shades, each unique style adds its own creative flare to the home.

Here are some of the most vibrant timber flooring styles in use today.

Wide planks (with a hint of grey)

Timber flooring with wide planks is steadily increasing in popularity. Wider planks have fewer seams in the flooring and provide an open and vintage feel to the home. This is especially true when the wooden planks are infused with a hint of grey to lighten up the room.

Modern style enthusiasts call this new design "wide planks with grey tones." Plank sizes have been steadily increasing over the years. In addition, these wider planks give a more structured flow to the rooms in your home.

Reclaimed pine flooring

The light brown reclaimed pine tones are the ultimate statement of sophistication, class and vintage appeal. Reclaimed pine offers a clean, sharp and polished look to your home. The planks are comfortable to walk on and they maintain the original shades and veining patterns that were indigenous to the tree they came from.

If you're going for that sophisticated look in your home or office, reclaimed pine is a top choice for your timber flooring.

Maple dark tones

In some homes, dark tones provide a relaxing and exclusive feel to various rooms. Maple planks with dark brown tones are great for game rooms, man caves, theatres and other areas of the home where low lighting tends to be the norm.

Maple dark tones also work well in rooms with black and white fixtures such as powder rooms and some bathrooms. The contrast in colors creates an amazing backdrop in the entire home.

Whitewashed red oak

If you're looking for timber flooring that fits multiple styles in the home, red oak floors are the way to go. Their reddish tones add a light and welcoming touch to the home and they go well with many different styles of furniture.

They are also quite durable and resistant to wear. You can choose to whitewash the red tones a bit more to make the flooring even lighter and more vibrant.