Two Reasons Not to Cut Down a Tree in Your Garden Without Professional Assistance

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If you need to remove a tree from your garden, it is not a good idea to do so without the help of a professional arborist. Read on to find out why.

You could be injured

Tree felling is a complex and dangerous activity which involves working at a height whilst handling a chainsaw. As such, a considerable amount of skill as well as a variety of safety gear (including things like ropes, harnesses and protective clothing) is needed in order to do it in a safe manner.  

If you do not have the appropriate safety gear or if you have never used a chainsaw before, there is a very good chance that you will make a serious error which could result in you or those near the tree sustaining a major injury.

For example, if you fail to put on high-grip gloves before you begin to use the chainsaw, the equipment could slip from your hands whilst it is switched on. If this should happen, the chainsaw could fall onto your feet and leave you with severe wounds. Similarly, if you climb the tree and then accidentally drop the chainsaw whilst you're positioned at a height, it could fall onto anyone who happens to be standing nearby and seriously hurt them.

If you have never used any kind of climbing equipment before, there is also a risk that you could fail to secure the harnesses and ropes properly. This could increase your chances of falling from the tree and sustaining a fracture.

You may end up failing to fully remove the root system

If you want to ensure that the tree does not grow back again, you must completely remove its root system. This involves digging deep into the soil and then cutting and pulling out the roots.

Most arborists have access to a range of equipment (such as stump grinders, winches and mini-excavators) which enable them to perform this demanding task quickly and easily.

If you attempt to perform this task by yourself, with basic gardening tools (such as an axe and a pair of shears) instead of commercial equipment, there is a significant chance that you will not be able to fully remove the entire root system, as carrying out this process manually is extremely difficult.

If you do not do this work correctly, all of your previous efforts (i.e., the cutting down the of trunk and branches) will have been a waste of time, as the tree will soon begin to grow again. In this situation, you would probably have to hire an arborist to finish off the job on your behalf.