More places shop fitters can help improve

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Contrary to what many people might think, shop fitters do not limit their trade practises to shops. They spread their expertise to the premises of other business domains. Regardless of where they work, shop fitters transform interiors into relaxed, friendly spaces from which owners can derive the pleasure of belonging, while inviting and relaxing customers. Below are some examples of other places that benefit from the services offered by shop fitters.

Banks When fitting bank interiors, shop fitters use long-lived material. Although economy might not be a restraining factor here, adherence to function is paramount. The floor material is selected for longevity, with marble and terrazzo being the preferred materials due to their ability to withstand decades of foot traffic. The shop fitters will rarely fit wall panelling, as it may require maintenance activity at the cost of lost working hours. Instead, the walls are painted with a flat-coloured paint with minimal variation throughout the spaces. As concerns furniture, the design is standard with little focus on upholstery. Dark hardwood surfaces are preferred on angular tables, benches and the other furniture. However, the senior personnel's quarters may be relieved of this utilitarian approach by including curves and more fabric.

Hotels People who go to hotels expect relaxation. The effect of the interior has a direct effect on the guest's enjoyment of their stay, starting with the check-in desk at the front to the bedroom curtains at the end of the day—all of the hotel's visible fittings should be attractive and accommodating. To combat boredom, shop fitters are keen to plant eye-catching variations at strategic places. The other method they use is to adjust lighting conditions for an effect of maximum spaciousness without the challenge of distance. Where guests have to walk long corridors, shop fitters will place visually distracting furnishings along the way. Additionally, to avoid monotony of feature and help guests bond to their rooms, shop fitters will arrange room furniture in a unique way for every room.

Factories While working on factory renovation projects, shop fitters will apply knowledge and skills towards making workspaces look and feel friendly. Factories are by default coarse and bland places dedicated to production with little regard for aesthetics. The plain utilitarian setup does have a dulling effect on personnel, but shop fitters lend a hand to make workers more comfortable while engaging the equipment and tools. Shop fitters will use vibrant colouring, furniture and wall decorations. However, these should not compromise the safety of the workers.