4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Timber Trusses for Your New Building Project

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For almost any building you will need to use wall frames and trusses to maintain the rigidity of the structure. The question that needs to be answered is whether you should use steel or timber wall frames? There are advantages to be found by using both steel and timber frames, but on balance timber wall frames and timber trusses are the best choice. Here are some of the reasons that you should be using timber trusses for your next building project.

Timber is cheaper.

A timber truss is cheaper to purchase than a steel truss of the same length. Timber is also lighter and therefore cheaper to work with than steel. Cost should never be the deciding factor in home construction, but when considered alongside all the other benefits that a timber truss can offer it helps make a compelling case in favour of timber trusses.

Timber is more energy efficient.

It is not only initial construction costs that need to be considered when choosing which material to use for your building frame. Your choice between a timber truss and a steel truss will have ongoing implications for the running costs of your home. Timber wall frames preserve more of the heat of your home within the property, while a steel framed house will allow more heat to escape. Losing so much heat can only lead to increasing energy bills for the occupant.

Timber is more fire resistant.

Most house fires burn at temperatures in the range of 700-1000 degrees Celsius. Unprotected steel weakens at temperatures above 230 degrees and by the time the heat reaches 750 degrees most of the strength has left the steel. Wood doesn't ignite until it reaches 250 degrees and even when it does begin to burn the fire forms a protective coating on the surface and the inside of the timber truss is unlikely to burn as it remains cooler than the unprotected steel.

Timber offers better noise control.

Quality of life within the home is another area that is affected by the choice of steel or timber trusses. Timber framed homes are normally quieter to live in than those with steel frames. You may not think about this when planning your building project, but it is something that you will have to live with every day so it is worth planning for your comfort from the start. Sound can be more easily transmitted with a steel truss than it can be through a timber truss. Instead of dampening the sound and offering you a peaceful life, you may find that steel trusses let you hear sounds from further away that you would prefer to be able to ignore.

Together these advantages demonstrate that a timber wall frame is the best choice for your next building project.