Cost Reducing Tips When Opting For Skip Bin Hire

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Skip bin hire is a convenient service for a wide assortment of projects. Whether you are merely looking to declutter and spring clean your home or are planning on extensive renovations and landscaping, you would need an efficient way to eliminate all the waste that you create. However, some people may assume that opting for skip hire would be too expensive for their budget. In reality, there are various ways that you could cut on costs as long as you know what to focus on. The following are a few tips that could make skip bin hire a cost effective solution for your disposal needs.

Tip 1: Ensure you get the right size

One of the more common assumptions that people make when considering skip hire is that they will need a small receptacle since they are eliminating residential waste. In reality, people tend to underestimate how much waste will be created once their project is underway. Subsequently, you end up having to hire a second receptacle to accommodate your waste, which will usually cost more. Instead, you should err on the safe side by hiring a skip that is slightly larger than what you assume you will need. Not only would a larger skip fit all your waste, but you can also rest assured that there will be no risk of overfilling the receptacle, which would cause its own set of problems.

Tip 2: Be aware of what can be disposed of

Another assumption some homeowners will have regarding skip hire is that it is suited for all types of waste. The truth is that although skip providers can eliminate a broad range of waste for you, it is prudent to ensure that they are not mixed in the same receptacle. Toxic substances not only pose the risk of damaging the container but they would also require specialised handling. As a result, some waste items would cost more to eliminate via skip hire. Before you begin the process of filling your receptacle, double check with your provider on what is allowed and what either would be prohibited or would require specialised services.

Tip 3: Consider cost sharing with your neighbours

If you live in a cul de sac, you may want to consider coordinating with your neighbours when opting for skip hire. Certain projects, such as landscaping, are typically carried out by the same gardener in a close-knit neighbourhood. You could confer with your neighbours and find out if anyone else would require skip hire, which allows you to minimise the individual cost of these services.