When You Should Use Professional Land Surveyors for Your Property

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As a residential property owner, you will have several times during your home ownership where land surveying may arise. Though you can usually use the deed to your property as a reference, there are some cases where this may not work or may not be valid for your purposes. You may also want to try getting the measurements of the property on your own. Before you do this, consider the times when you should use professional land surveyors and why:

Property Subdivision

If you have a large amount of property, you may want to subdivide it for possible liquidation or inheritance at a later date. When you do this, you will need to have deeds drawn up for not only the home and property you are keeping but also the other lots that are now being subdivided. In order to get these deeds, you must have a land survey done to mark where the lots start as well as where they stop. This also leads to showing how large the land lot is and possible value of that property.

Ownership Dispute

There are some cases where there may be a naturally occurring object on the land may be disputed as far as ownership is concerned. For example, a tree may have fallen and, because of its placement, the ownership may be disputed. This usually deals directly with who pays for the removal of the tree or who pays for damages. This may be required by insurance as well if insurance covers the removal or damage. Land surveyors will be able to provide you with an accurate and legal assessment to determine if the object was on your land and where it falls within the boundaries of your property.

Construction Plans

You may be deciding to build an outbuilding or another home on the property. This may mean that a property survey needs to be done to ensure that your building plans are within the guidelines of the area codes and regulations. Land surveyors can provide a report that would detail how far your property is from power lines, natural occurring land changes such as hills or streams, and other considerations that may prevent your construction plans.

By keeping these key points in mind, you can ensure that you are getting the right measurements the first time for your residential property needs. If you find that you are in one of these situations, contact your local land surveying company for pricing and scheduling.