Puppy Proofing the Electrical Components of Your Home

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If you have children, you will be familiar with the challenges of baby proofing your home. If you are about to further expand your family, additional (though slightly different) baby proofing is needed if the baby in question is of the four-legged variety. Puppies are curious creatures, and you need to ensure that your home is able to keep them safe when you're not actually able to supervise them. An accident could easily happen when your back is turned. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the electrical components of your home. How can you make sure that your new puppy isn't going to get into any electricity-related mishaps?

Electrical Outlets

Much like a human baby, you need to ensure that the electrical outlets in your home don't pose any danger. Protective plastic inserts can be wise, which prevent inquisitive tongues and claws from receiving a nasty shock. To the same end, you need to carefully inspect all the electrical outlets for signs of damage. While cracked casing does not necessarily render the outlet unusable, it can become a risk for a curious puppy who might take an interest in the crack. These need to be replaced, and it's a quick and easy job for a professional electrician.

Extension and Exposed Cords

Extension cords should be removed from the area where you plan to keep the puppy. These can be temptingly chewable with potentially catastrophic results. If removal is not entirely possible, you might wish to apply a homemade deterrent. Obviously you don't want to soak the electrical cords, so sparingly apply the solution using a cotton bud and also use forceful verbal commands to deter your dog if you should see them taking too much of an interest in the cords.

Computers and Televisions

The warmth radiating from the backs of computer hard drives and televisions can make this an alluring spot for your puppy to take a nap. You want to discourage this simply because the puppy might also opt to urinate back there. If possible, manoeuvre the electrical devices into a new position to prevent access. Again, forceful verbal commands will quickly teach your puppy that they are not permitted to go behind these electrical devices.

With a bit of effort you can rather easily ensure that your precious puppy won't be in any danger from the electrical devices and outlets in your home, however curious they might be.