Expanding your family home with a second floor extension

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If you have a growing family you may be looking for some more space. Unfortunately, in many modern homes, you may not have much space to expand out and it can be expensive to buy new land. You also might be eager to preserve yard space to give some space for your new family members to play and run around. A second floor extension can be a great way to give your family the space it needs to expand. 

Here are some of the uses for a second floor extension. 

Extra bedrooms

While babies can often be snuck into the parent's room or can sleep in the corners of other rooms such as a study, but as they grow up they often need a room of their own or a big enough room that siblings can share. A second floor extension can be a great way to add bedrooms to a house that has limited space, either for a new parents retreat or for kids rooms. 

Play space

If you do have young children it can be a great idea to have a dedicated play space to keep all of those toys in one space and leave some space for adults to have a toy-free zone. Additionally having a dedicated play space makes it easier to have siblings sharing a room as you don't need to have storage space for toys in the bedrooms. This can also be great to help kids focus on getting to sleep and not end up getting distracted by the urge to play with their favourite toys!

Storage space

When you have kids you also often need a lot of 'stuff' and need somewhere to store it. If you aren't blessed with a big shed to store out of season clothing, camping or sports gear, and seasonal items it can be handy to have some storage space. A second floor extension can create the opportunity to have some handy built in storage areas to keep those items handy without constantly needing to move around them when they are not in use. 

By concentrating on adding space and maintaining your current wet areas in the downstairs areas of the home, a second floor extension can be an affordable way to create more space in a family home. Why not contact a building company to explore how you may be able to expand your current home with a second floor extension? For more information, contact companies like Vickers Home Improvements.