Mirror Ideas to Style up your Bathroom

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Most homeowners neglect the bathroom when it comes to showcasing their style. The argument given is that since only family members use the bathroom, spending time and money on the facility is unnecessary. However, friends usually have a lot to say when they visit each other's bathroom, especially if the experience was wanting. Therefore, if you want to treat your circle of friends to a fantastic experience when they visit your home, you could display your style with bathroom mirrors. This piece presents different bathroom mirror themes that would leave everyone amazed.

Hang Mirrors -- How many times do you see a hanging mirror inside a home bathroom? Most builders and homeowners usually go for the trusted and tested mirror on the wall designs. However, hanging your bathroom mirror from the ceiling could make your bathroom to become the topic of discussion when friends come over. To add to the unique mirror display design, you can use different materials to suspend the mirror. For instance, you could decide to go with a thick intertwined rope for a maritime theme or stainless steel chain for a more modern style. Clear plastic strips against a white tile background would give an illusion that your bathroom mirror is suspended.

Use Different Sizes -- Traditionally, bathrooms have a single mirror screwed a wall. There is nothing wrong with this, but the style is flat and makes your bathroom look plain and conventional. Using different sized mirrors is a sure way to have people talking positively about your style. Approach this design by placing the primary mirror just above the sink and add smaller and average-sized ones to the left and the right of the main mirror. However, make sure that you only use one wall to avoid converting your bathroom into a creepy fun house.

Mirrored Bathing Compartment -- If your bathroom houses an enclosed bathing area, then why not fix a full-length mirror on the inside part of the shower section. While most homeowners prefer to have a translucent glass or acrylic sheet to enclose this part of their bathrooms, the style is outdated. You can fix a mirror on the door to the bathing area if the enclosure is rectangular or square. For a unique style, ask your contractor to replace the rectangular enclosure with a curved one and install a mirror from one end to the other so that the entire length is reflected. This style enhances privacy while at the same time giving your friends a reason to stay in the bathroom for longer.