Don't Overlook These Important Tips for Adding Security to Your Home and Property

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A residential alarm system is a great way to add security to your house and property, but it's not your only option; for those who struggle with codes and complicated alarm features or who already have an alarm installed at home, note some additional ways you can enhance your home's security. These tips will keep you and your family safe and secure.

Take advantage of Wi-Fi

Take advantage of Wi-Fi by installing apps on your smart phone or tablet that help to keep your home secure; for example, a remote garage door opener can allow you to close the garage when you're on the road, if you forgot to do that when you left the house. You can also unlock the front door with an app to let your children or anyone else in when needed, so you won't need to hand out keys.

Light up the shrubbery

Burglars like to hide behind shrubbery as they work to pry open a window. You may not want to remove this shrubbery altogether, and you may also not want to plant prickly shrubs if you have children or pets who could get injured by their thorns. Instead, light up the shrubbery at night by installing solar-powered lights in the ground or along the roof eaves, aimed at the shrubbery that's under windows. These lights can keep the shrubs well-lighted, eliminating that favourite hiding spot.

Change the locks

Consider whether you might have handed out a spare key to someone in the past and simply forgotten to get it back. Also, if you set your keys down in the office, such as in a desk drawer or locker, someone may have swiped your key and copied it, and then replaced it without your knowledge. Older locks can also become rusted or otherwise damaged so that they're easier to pick or force open. For all these reasons, have the locks changed on your house every year or every few years to ensure they're strong and sturdy and that there are no keys to them floating about.

Security screens

Security screens on the windows are always a good choice for added security, as they protect against someone prying open the window or breaking it with a brick or other item. Security screens can also keep your home secure if you want to keep the windows open, either when you're home or when the house is unoccupied. They can also keep out flies, scorpions, lizards, and other unwanted pests much more effectively than standard, lightweight screens! Contact a company like Southern Screen Scene to learn more about your options for security screens.